Stay safe and enjoy JackieO'.

We have opened! Happy to welcome you back to JackieO’ Beach Club and Restaurant.
Of course we have to follow the National Health Protocol and rely on your cooperation!
The number of guests is limited on the premises, and there may be an admission stop.
Please stay in your reserved/ assigned area and avoid formation of more than six guests together.
In order to track chains of infection and keep your fellow travelers and our staff safe, you are asked to register! For this you will find a QR code to scan on your smart phone or fill out a handout.
All information is subject to European GDPR privacy regulation. We are obliged by law to ask for your registration.

Please follow the instructions from our staff and enjoy yourself!

- Please wear a mask, if you cannot keep the social distance
- Keep social distance
- Please respect sneeze & cough etiquette
- Stay at home if you are not feeling well
- Wash your hand thoroughly and use disinfectant provided
- Avoid close bodily contact

For more details please read the Guide to Infection Prevention for Outpatient Settings or visit the National Health Public Organization